Sunday, December 12, 2010

Unimate House Warming + Little Gathering

Congratulations to my dear friend, you have own your own house, proud of you dear! It was a wonderful and cheerful Saturday, went to KY's house warming, her house area is very peaceful, and comfy. Love her house design, even it was just minor renovation on it, but overall feeling comfortable and warmth.

Few of unimate joined the house warming too, been chatting a lot with them. Forgotten when was out last time meet, but I am anticipating our next meet up date. So happy to see everyone is stable on their job,having an enjoyable life, and also cheerful always. Million thanks to KL who make my day so happy, you are an awesome entertainer friend...

Thursday, December 9, 2010


我相信,每个人都有一定的忍耐力,忍耐力因人而异,有的人忍耐力也许很低,一些小小事情就足以令你抓狂,有的人无论发生什么大事,他都能冷静面对。最近自己的忍耐力不断被挑战,不断的对自己说,百忍成金,忍一时风平浪静,退一步海阔天空,我忍你,因为多一事不如少一事,因为在我心中,你还是有一定的位置。 请你不要不要再那么任性了,我也有我的bottom line的。